Kaupang was a Norwegian Viking Age town with a seasonal emporium established around c. 780 CE and abandoned around c. 950 CE. Kaupang is located on the western side of Oslofjord (Viksfjord) in what is the present-day southeastern county Vestfold, Norway with maritime access to the Skagerrak. Although it was much smaller than other Viking towns in Sweden and Denmark - namely, Birka and Hedeby - Kaupang was of economic importance to Norwegian and Danish Vikings who raided and traded with Western Europe and the British Isles. Kaupang can thus lay claim to being the oldest town in Norway, and it is likely the same place as “Sciringesheal” or “Skiringssal” (Old Norse: Skíringssalr), which was visited by the Norwegian seafarer and writer Ohthere of Hålogaland in the 9th century CE.

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