Jugurtha (r. 118-105 BCE) was King of Numidia in North Africa and grandson of the first Numidian king Masinissa (r. c. 202-148 BCE). He was the illegitimate son of Mastanabal, Masinissa's youngest son, and was the least likely of Masinissa's grandsons to ever come to power. His personal ambition, intelligence, and ruthlessness, however, coupled with a keen insight into human motivation and enough finances to buy influence, brought him to power following the death of his uncle Micipsa (r. 148-118 BCE) who had succeeded Masinissa.

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  • c. 160 BCE - 104 BCE
    Life of Jugurtha, King of Numidia.
  • 118 BCE - 105 BCE
    Reign of King Jugurtha of Numidia.
  • 112 BCE - 105 BCE
    The Jugurthine War between Rome and Numidia, ending with the capture of Jugurtha and victory for Rome.
  • 104 BCE
    Jugurtha dies in prison in Rome.