John the Baptist


John the Baptist (d. c. 30 CE) was a 1st-century CE itinerant preacher in Judea. We do not know his full name, but he is recognized by his activity. 'Baptizer' (Greek: baptizo) was translated directly into English and meant 'to immerse' or 'plunge'. John immersed people in the river Jordan after they had repented of their sins. Next to Jesus of Nazareth and Paul the Apostle, John the Baptist is one of the most recognized persons in Christianity, and baptism became one of the first rituals practiced by Christians.

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  • c. 30 CE
    Death of John the Baptist.
  • c. 69 CE - c. 70 CE
    The Gospel of Mark.
  • c. 85 CE
    The Gospel of Matthew.
  • c. 95 CE
    The Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles.
  • c. 100 CE
    The Gospel of John.