Johannes Gutenberg Timeline

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  • c. 1398 - 1468
    Life of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press.
  • 1418
    Johannes Gutenberg is enrolled at University of Erfurt.
  • 1439
    Johannes Gutenberg's business venture of mirrors sold to pilgrims fails.
  • 1440
    To appease investors in his mirror business, Gutenberg unveils his printing press.
  • 1450
    Gutenberg's printing press is operating in Mainz.
  • 1456
    Gutenberg prints the Bible.
  • 1456
    Gutenberg's main investor, Fust, calls in the debt he owes, sues him, and takes over the printing press.
  • 1465
    Gutenberg is recognized as inventor of the printing press and given an annual stipend.
  • 1468
    Gutenberg dies in obscurity and relative poverty.