Johannes Gutenberg


Johannes Gutenberg (l. c. 1398-1468) was the inventor of the printing press (c. 1450) who seems to have developed the device from wine and oil presses of the time. Gutenberg’s printing press not only revolutionized book making but literally changed the world in that ideas could now be shared over long distances with a wider audience than ever before.

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  • c. 1398 - 1468
    Life of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press.
  • 1418
    Johannes Gutenberg is enrolled at University of Erfurt.
  • 1439
    Johannes Gutenberg's business venture of mirrors sold to pilgrims fails.
  • 1440
    To appease investors in his mirror business, Gutenberg unveils his printing press.
  • 1450
    Gutenberg's printing press is operating in Mainz.
  • 1456
    Gutenberg prints the Bible.
  • 1456
    Gutenberg's main investor, Fust, calls in the debt he owes, sues him, and takes over the printing press.
  • 1465
    Gutenberg is recognized as inventor of the printing press and given an annual stipend.
  • 1468
    Gutenberg dies in obscurity and relative poverty.