Johannes Brahms


Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was a German composer of Romantic music best known for his symphonies, songs, and orchestral, chamber, and piano music. A great student of the history of music, Brahms was convinced that only by working within the established parameters of his art could his own music have merit and longevity. In this, he was right since he remains today amongst the most widely performed of all the great composers.

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  • 1833 - 1897
    Life of the German composer Johannes Brahms.
  • 7 May 1833
    Johannes Brahms is born in Hamburg.
  • 1853
    Johannes Brahms tours with the Hungarian violinist Eduard Reményi.
  • 1857
    Johannes Brahms premieres two serenades in the ducal court of Detmold.
  • 1859
    Johannes Brahms' First Piano Concerto is premiered in Hanover.
  • 1863
    Johannes Brahms is appointed the director of the Vienna Singakademie choir.
  • 1868
    Johannes Brahms completes his epic Deutsches Requiem.
  • 1871
    Johannes Brahms composes his Triumphlied.
  • 1872
    Johannes Brahms is appointed the conductor of the Vienna Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde.
  • 1873
    Johannes Brahms composes his Variations on a Theme of Haydn.
  • 1876
    Johannes Brahms completes his First Symphony,
  • 1877
    Johannes Brahms completes his Second Symphony.
  • 1879
    Johannes Brahms composes his 21 Hungarian Dances.
  • 1883
    Johannes Brahms completes his Third Symphony.
  • 1885
    Johannes Brahms completes his Fourth Symphony.
  • 1889
    Johannes Brahms accepts the Freedom of Hamburg.
  • 1896
    Johannes Brahms composes his Vier ernste Gesänge.
  • 3 Apr 1897
    Johannes Brahms dies of liver cancer in Vienna.