James V of Scotland


James V of Scotland ruled as king from 1513 to 1542. He succeeded his father James IV of Scotland (r. 1488-1513), one of the country's most popular Stuart kings, but as he was still a child, the early part of his reign was tempestuous with his mother and nobles battling for control of the regency. Ruling in his own right from 1528, the king's fiscal policies were unpopular, and his decision to forge closer ties with France through his marriages - first to the daughter of Francis I of France (r. 1515-1547) and then to Mary of Guise (1515-1560) - divided his kingdom. James died of illness within a month of a military defeat at the hands of an English army at Solway Moss in 1542; he was just 30 years of age. James V was succeeded by his infant daughter, Mary, Queen of Scots (r. 1542-1567).

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  • 10 Apr 1512
    James V of Scotland is born in Linlithgow Palace.
  • 1513 - 1542
    Reign of James V of Scotland.
  • 21 Sep 1513
    Coronation of James V of Scotland at Stirling Castle.
  • May 1528
    James V of Scotland ends the regency and reigns in his own right.
  • 1532
    James V of Scotland founds the College of Justice.
  • 1536 - 1537
    James V of Scotland visits France for seven months.
  • 1537
    James V of Scotland condemns Lady Glamis, the sister of the Earl of Angus, to be burnt at the stake.
  • 1 Jan 1537
    James V of Scotland marries Madeleine de Valois, daughter of Francis I of France.
  • c. 1538
    James V of Scotland adds the Palace building to Stirling Castle.
  • 12 Jun 1538
    James V of Scotland marries his second wife, Mary of Guise.
  • Sep 1541
    James V of Scotland declines to meet Henry VIII of England in York to discuss a peace treaty.
  • 24 Nov 1542
    An English force defeats the Scots at Solway Moss on the Scottish border.
  • 8 Dec 1542
    Mary, Queen of Scots is born, daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise.
  • 14 Dec 1542
    James V of Scotland dies of illness at Falkland Palace.