Hyksos Timeline

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  • 1783 BCE
    Avaris is built and set as capital of Hyksos.
  • c. 1782 BCE - c. 1570 BCE
    The Hyksos reign in Lower Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period.
  • 1725 BCE
    Invasion of the Hyksos.
  • c. 1580 BCE
    Conflict between the Hyksos at Avaris and Egyptians of Thebes breaks out; Theban king Ta'O killed in battle.
  • c. 1570 BCE
    Hyksos are driven from Egypt by Ahmose I who initiates the period of the New Kingdom.
  • c. 1570 BCE
    Ahmose I defeats and expels the Hyksos from Egypt and destroy their capital Avaris.