Huldrych Zwingli Timeline

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  • 1484 - 1531
    Life of Reformer Huldrych Zwingli.
  • 1506
    Zwingli graduates from the University of Basel with Master of Arts degree.
  • 1513
    Zwingli volunteers as chaplain for Swiss mercenaries.
  • 1514
    Zwingli first meets Erasmus.
  • 1516
    Zwingli meets Erasmus and possibly assists in translation of the Bible.
  • 1519
    Zwingli appointed to the main church in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • 1519
    Zwingli begins preaching by reading the Bible directly to the congregation starting with the Gospel of Matthew.
  • 1521
    Zwingli becomes a canon (magistrate) of Zurich and a citizen.
  • 1522
    Zwingli defends eating meat during Lent; attacks the Church's position on fasting.
  • 1523
    First and Second Disputations in which Zwingli defends his vision, presents his Sixty-Seven Articles of faith.
  • 1524
    Zwingli marries the widow Anna Reinhart; argues against clerical celibacy as hypocritical.
  • 1529
    Disagrees with Martin Luther at Marburg Colloquy on the Eucharist; Protestants divide further.
  • 1529
    First War of Kappel; hostilities averted by an armistice.
  • 1531
    Second War of Kappel; Zürich Protestants are defeated by Catholic forces and Reformer Huldrych Zwingli is killed.