Henry Every

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Henry Every (b. 1653), also known as Henry Avery, Benjamin Bridgeman, ‘Long Ben’ and (incorrectly) John Avery, was one of the most savage and successful pirates in the Golden Age of Piracy. Capturing a treasure ship of the Mughal emperor in 1695 with a cargo worth over $95 million today, he promptly disappeared and was never seen again.

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  • 1653
    The English pirate Henry Every is born in Plymouth, England.
  • May 1694
    Henry Every leads a mutiny and takes over the Charles II which he renames the Fancy.
  • Sep 1695
    The English pirate Henry Every captures a treasure ship of the Mughal emperor, one of the richest prizes ever taken by a pirate in any era.
  • Apr 1696
    The pirate crews led by Henry Every disband in the Caribbean.