Gortyn Timeline

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  • 470 BCE
    Gortyn on Crete begins to mint its own coinage.
  • c. 450 BCE
    The Law Code of Gortyn is written.
  • c. 220 BCE
    Gortyn allies with Knossos to defeat Lyttos on Crete.
  • 189 BCE
    Gortyn gives sanctuary to Hannibal.
  • c. 180 BCE
    Phaistos conquered by Gortyn.
  • c. 27 BCE
    Augustus makes Gortyn the capital of the Roman province of Crete & Cyrene.
  • 60 CE
    An early Christian community is established at Gortyn, Crete.
  • 81 CE
    Trajan serves as quaestor at Gortyn, Crete.
  • 249 CE
    10 Christians are famously martyred at Gortyn in a wild animal hunt.
  • 365 CE
    Gortyn is destroyed by a devastating earthquake.
  • 670 CE
    Gortyn is destroyed by earthquake.