Gojoseon (Gochoson or Old Choson) was an ancient kingdom which ruled northern Korea in the second half of the first millennium BCE. Gojoseon possessed the most advanced culture in the Korean peninsula at that time and was an important marker in the progression towards the more centralised states of later periods.

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  • 2333 BCE
    Traditional founding of Gojoseon by Dangun Wanggeom (Tangun).
  • 1122 BCE
    Traditional date that Gija (Jizi) becomes king of Gojoseon.
  • c. 300 BCE
    Gojoseon is attacked by the Yan state.
  • 194 BCE - 180 BCE
    Wiman Joseon (Wiman Choson) takes control of Gojoseon, declaring himself king.
  • 108 BCE
    Wiman Joseon is conquered by the Han dynasty.