Gisela of France


Gisela of France was a legendary 10th-century CE Francian princess, who, according to tradition, was married off to Viking leader Rollo of Normandy. Her name, Gisela or Gisla, comes from an Old German word meaning "to pledge", the French equivalent would be Gisèle. The general consensus among historians is that Gisela of France was born circa 900 CE in the Kingdom of West Francia, at the court of Charles the Simple. Most likely, she was one of the six daughters of the king and his first wife, Frédérune. It is also stipulated that Gisela was married off to Rollo, the founder and first ruler of the region of Normandy, after his conversion to Christianity in 911 CE.

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  • 911
    Treaty of Saint Clair sur Epte between Charles the Simple and Rollo; establishes Normandy, ends Viking raids on the Seine.