Georges Bizet

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Georges Bizet (1838-1875) was a French Romantic composer best known for his opera Carmen and the instrumental music for the play L'Arlésienne. None of his earlier operas had enjoyed any great success, and even Carmen took several months to gain public and critical acclaim, too late for the composer, who died of a heart attack aged 36, to witness.

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  • 1838 - 1875
    Life of the French composer Georges Bizet.
  • 25 Oct 1838
    The composer Georges Bizet is born in Paris.
  • 1847 - 1858
    Georges Bizet studies at the Paris Conservatory.
  • 1855
    Georges Bizet composes his Symphony in C.
  • 1858 - 1861
    The composer Georges Bizet spends time in Rome.
  • 1863
    The premiere of George Bizet's opera Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl-fishers) in Paris.
  • 1867
    The premiere of Georges Bizet’s opera La jolie fille de Perth (The Fair Maid of Perth) in Paris.
  • 1871
    Georges Bizet completes his revisions of his Rome Symphony.
  • 1871
    Georges Bizet composes his Jeux d’enfants suite (Children’s Games).
  • 1872
    Georges Bizet writes the instrumental music for L’Arlésienne (The Girl from Arles), a play by Alphonse Daudet.
  • 3 Mar 1875
    The premiere of George Bizet's Carmen at the Opéra-Comique in Paris.
  • 3 Jun 1875
    Georges Bizet dies in Bougival outside Paris.