Gauda Kingdom


The Gauda Kingdom came into being in the late 6th century CE in eastern India, as a result of the political disintegration of the Gupta Empire (3rd-6th century CE). Its core areas were situated in what is now the state of Bengal in India and the northern parts of the country of Bangladesh, with the capital at Karnasuvarna (near modern-day Murshidabad city). For a brief period, under King Shashanka (c. late 6th century CE - 637 CE), it became a powerful kingdom vying with other regional powers for political supremacy in India. But its rise was soon accompanied by its fall, and it passed into history as the base kingdom for future empires, most notably under the Palas (8th-12th century CE).

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  • c. 619 - c. 620
    Inscriptions of Shashanka of the Gauda Kingdom.
  • 630
    Hiuen Tsang comes to India.
  • 637
    Harsha adds Bengal to his empire.