Faras Cathedral


The Cathedral of Faras, a city in ancient Nubia and once the capital of the Kingdom of Faras (aka Nobatia), was built and rebuilt from the 8th to 11th century CE. Its interior was decorated with hundreds of frescoes which are amongst the finest examples of early Christian art seen anywhere. With the site now deep below Lake Nasser, all that remains of this once great city are the art and artefacts which were rescued for posterity prior to 1964 CE.

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  • c. 707
    The first version of Faras Cathedral is built.
  • c. 900
    The cathedral at Faras is extensively replastered.
  • c. 1000
    The second version of the Faras Cathedral is built.
  • 1169
    The barrel vault of the nave of Faras Cathedral collapses and is not repaired.