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King Ergamenes (also known as King Arkamani I, r. 295-275 BCE) was the greatest king of the city of Meroe, Kingdom of Kush (located in modern-day Sudan) who broke free from Egyptian dominance to help direct a wholly distinct culture. The city of Meroe is cited by many ancient writers (Herodotus among them) as an almost fabled city of wealth and mystery, and scholars credit Ergamenes for establishing the culture which fostered such prosperity and lay the groundwork for later Meroitic kings and queens to build upon.

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  • 800 BCE
    Founding of the Kingdom of Meroe.
  • 295 BCE - 275 BCE
    Reign of King Ergamenes (Arakakamani) in Meroe.
  • c. 285 BCE
    King Ergamenes slaughters the priests of Amun at Napata, breaks with Egypt.