El Tajin


El Tajin is located near the coast of eastern Mexico and was an important Mesoamerican centre which flourished between 900 and 1100 CE. A part of the Veracruz culture, the city's architecture also displays both Maya and Oaxacan influences, while the most famous monument at El Tajin is the splendid Early Classic temple known as the Pyramid of the Niches. The site boasts several other important pyramids, monumental platforms, and 17 ballcourts, justifying its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • c. 100 CE
    El Tajin in northern Veracruz is first settled.
  • c. 500 CE
    The first ballcourts appear at El Tajin.
  • 700 CE - 800 CE
    El Tajin conquers surrounding territory in northern Veracruz.
  • c. 800 CE
    The Pyramid of the Niches is completed at El Tajin.
  • 900 CE - 1100 CE
    El Tajin flourishes in northern Veracruz.
  • c. 1100 CE
    El Tajin is destroyed by fire and abandoned.