Didius Julianus


Didius Julianus was Roman emperor from March to June 193 CE. On March 28, 193 CE Roman Emperor Pertinax was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard, and like his predecessor Commodus, he left no apparent successor. Two possible claimants presented themselves to the Guard. These “protectors” of the imperial throne had vowed that no new emperor would be chosen without their approval and an “auction” ensued, following which, the throne was finally awarded to the highest bidder - Didius Julianus, a former commander, governor, and consul.

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  • 30 Jan 133 CE
    Birth of Roman Emperor Didius Julianus.
  • 28 Mar 193 CE - 1 Jun 193 CE
    Reign of Roman Emperor Didius Julianus.
  • 1 Jun 193 CE
    Assassination of Roman Emperor Julianus.