Chlothar II


Chlothar II was a Merovingian king of the Franks, who reigned from 584 to 629. He inherited the throne of Neustria as an infant, upon the assassination of his father, Chilperic I (r. 561-584). Following a long and bitter power struggle with Brunhilda of Austrasia and her descendants, Chlothar united all Francia beneath his rule in 613.

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  • 584 - 629
    Life and reign of King Chlothar II.
  • 593
    Battle of Droizy. Brunhilda of Austrasia is defeated by Fredegund's Neustrian forces.
  • 613
    Chlothar II defeates Brunhilda of Austrasia's forces in battle. Brunhilda is executed.