Charles Vane

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Captain Charles Vane was an English pirate active in the Caribbean and off the east coast of North America between 1716 and 1720. The pirate, who infamously refused a pardon and instead fired his cannons at the ship of Governor Woodes Rogers in the Bahamas, was eventually captured, found guilty of piracy, and hanged in Jamaica in March 1721.

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  • 1716 - 1720
    The English pirate Charles Vane is active in the Caribbean and east coast of America.
  • Aug 1718
    The English pirate Charles Vane rejects the chance of a pardon and fires on the Governor of the Bahama's ship in New Providence.
  • Oct 1718
    The two pirate crews of Blackbeard and Charles Vane enjoy a week-long party on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.
  • Nov 1718
    The pirate crew of Charles Vane votes to depose him. They select John Rackham ('Calico Jack') as their new captain.
  • Mar 1720
    Charles Vane is tried and found guilty of piracy in Jamaica.
  • Mar 1721
    The English pirate Charles Vane is hanged in Jamaica.