Behistun Inscription


The Behistun Inscription is a relief with accompanying text carved 330 feet (100 meters) up a cliff in Kermanshah Province, Western Iran. The work tells the story of the victory of the Persian king Darius I (the Great, r. 522-486 BCE) over his rebellious satraps when he took the throne of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550-330 BCE) in 522 BCE.

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  • 2300 BCE
    Reign of Anubanini in Kingdom of Lullubi; Anubanini Rock Relief carved which provides model for later Behistun Inscription.
  • 522 BCE - 486 BCE
    Reign of Darius I, The Great, who commissions the Behistun Inscription to celebrate and provide legitimization for his reign.
  • c. 520 BCE
    Darius I, The Great commissions the Behistun Inscription.