Battle of Red Cliffs Timeline

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  • 184 CE
    Yellow Turban Rebellion gives rise to independent warlords in China.
  • 189 CE
    Emperor Lingdi of Han dies, leaving a child emperor as successor.
  • 189 CE - 192 CE
    Warlord Dong Zhuo claims supreme power in China.
  • 190 CE - 192 CE
    Guandong Coalition of warlords unite against Dong Zhuo.
  • 192 CE
    Dong Zhuo assassinated by his bodyguard Lu Bu.
  • 192 CE - 208 CE
    Cao Cao and the other warlords fight for control of China.
  • 208 CE
    Battle of Red Cliffs; Cao Cao is defeated by coalition led by Liu Bei and Sun Quan.
  • 220 CE - 280 CE
    Period of the Three Kingdoms; China is divided between kingdoms of Shu Han, Eastern Wu, and Cao Wei.
  • 280 CE
    China united under the Jin Dynasty.