Battle of Gaixia


The Battle of Gaixia (202 BCE, also known as Kai-Hsia) was the decisive engagement of the Chu-Han Contention (206-202 BCE) at which Liu Bang (l. c. 256-195 BCE), from the State of Han, defeated Xiang Yu (l. 232-202 BCE) of the State of Chu and subsequently founded the Han Dynasty.

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  • 221 BCE - 206 BCE
    The Qin Dynasty under Shi Huangti, First Emperor, rules in China.
  • 210 BCE
    Death of Emperor Shi Huangti. His son, Qin Er Shi, ascends to rule.
  • 210 BCE - 206 BCE
    China steadily rises in rebellion against collapsing Qin Dynasty.
  • 206 BCE - 202 BCE
    The Chu Han Contention divides China. Liu Bang of Han battles Xiang Yu of Chu for supremacy of rule.
  • 203 BCE
    Xiang Yu initiates Treaty of Hong Canal, Liu Bang breaks treaty.
  • 202 BCE
    The Battle of Gaixia, Han forces defeat the Chu.
  • 202 BCE
    Liu Bang founds the Han Dynasty, becoming Emperor Gaozu.
  • 202 BCE - 220 CE
    The Han Dynasty rules in China.