Basil the Great


Saint Basil (c. 330 - c. 379 CE), also known as Basil the Great and Basil of Caesarea, was a bishop of Caesarea in central Asia Minor who staunchly defended the church against the 4th-century CE heresy of Arianism. Basil's writings on monasticism and theological issues would be hugely influential during his lifetime and in later centuries as the Christian Church developed in the east. The saint, regarded as one of the founders of the Greek Orthodox Church, was also noted for his work helping the poor and his sermons which addressed the imbalances in society.

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  • c. 330 CE - c. 379 CE
    Life of Basil Great, one of the founding fathers of the Eastern Christian Church and Byzantine Monasteries.
  • c. 370 CE
    Basil the Great is made the bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia.