Artaxiad Dynasty


The Artaxiad (Artashesian) dynasty ruled ancient Armenia from c. 200 BCE to the first decade of the 1st century CE. Founded by Artaxias I, the dynasty would ensure Armenia enjoyed a sustained period of prosperity and regional importance. One of several important Artaxiad rulers was Tigranes the Great, who greatly expanded his kingdom before its ultimate defeat to the Romans in the mid-1st century BCE. Thereafter, the kingdom would become a pawn in the wider politics and wars involving Rome and Parthia.

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  • c. 200 BCE - c. 14 CE
    The Artaxiad dynasty rules in Armenia.
  • c. 200 BCE - c. 160 BCE
    Reign of Artaxias I, founder of the Artaxiad dynasty in Armenia.
  • 176 BCE
    Artashat (Artaxata) is made the new capital of Armenia by Artaxias I.
  • c. 95 BCE - c. 56 BCE
    Reign of Tigranes II, king of Armenia.
  • 94 BCE
    Armenia king Tigranes II annexes the kingdom of Sophene.
  • 87 BCE
    Armenian king Tigranes II sacks Ecbatana, the Parthian royal summer residence.
  • c. 85 BCE
    Armenian king Tigranes II begins to use the title "King of Kings".
  • 83 BCE
    Armenian king Tigranes II founds a new capital at Tigranocerta (aka Tigranakert).
  • 69 BCE
    Licinius Lucullus leads a Roman army which defeats Armenian king Tigranes II and his capital Tigranocerta is captured. Artashat becomes the capital again.
  • 66 BCE
    Pompey the Great attacks the Armenian kingdom of Tigranes II and makes it a Roman protectorate.
  • c. 56 BCE - c. 34 BCE
    Reign of Armenian king Artavasdes II.
  • 53 BCE
    Roman general Marcus Licinius Crassus compels Armenia to provide troops for his campaigns against Parthia.
  • 34 BCE
    Roman general Mark Antony attacks Armenia. The Armenian king Artavasdes II is taken captive to Alexandria.
  • 30 BCE
    Arteses (Artashes) II is made king of Armenia by the Parthians.
  • 20 BCE
    Roman emperor Augustus makes Tigranes III king of Armenia.n
  • c. 6 CE - c. 12 CE
    Reign of Tigran V, last Artaxiad king of Armenia.