Arsacid Dynasty of Armenia Timeline

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  • 12 CE - 428 CE
    Reign of the Arsacid dynasty in Armenia.
  • 52 CE
    Parthian king Vologases I invades Armenia.
  • 54 CE - 60 CE
    Roman general Corbulo successfully campaigns in Armenia.
  • 63 CE - c. 88 CE
    Reign of Tiridates I in Armenia.
  • 63 CE
    The Treaty of Rhandia gives Rome and Parthia equality over Armenia rulers and government.
  • 72 CE
    Roman emperor Vespasian annexes the kingdoms of Commagene and Lesser Armenia.
  • 114 CE
    Roman emperor Trajan annexes Armenia and declares war on Parthia.
  • 117 CE
    Roman emperor Hadrian grants independence to the Kingdom of Armenia.
  • 252 CE
    The Sasanid Empire invades the Kingdom of Armenia.
  • c. 298 CE - c. 330 CE
    Reign of Armenian king Tiridates the Great.
  • 298 CE
    Roman Emperor Diocletian reunifies the Kingdom of Armenia.
  • c. 314 CE
    Saint Gregory the Illuminator is made the first bishop of Armenia as Christianity is adopted by Tiridates the Great.
  • c. 314 CE
    Armenia adopts Christianity as the state religion.
  • c. 330 CE - c. 338 CE
    Armenian king Khosrov III founds the city of Dvin.
  • 368 CE - 369 CE
    The Sasanid Empire destroys several cities in the kingdom of Armenia.
  • c. 387 CE
    Roman emperor Theodosius I and Shapur III of Persia agree to formally divide Armenia between the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the Sasanian Empire.
  • 405 CE
    The Armenian alphabet is invented by Mesrop Mashtots.
  • 422 CE - 428 CE
    Reign of Armenia king Artashes IV, last ruler of the Arsacid dynasty.