Anne of Austria Timeline

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  • 22 Sep 1601
    Anne of Austria is born.
  • 1611
    Death of Margaret of Austria, mother of Anne of Austria, from childbirth.
  • 1612
    Betrothal of Anne of Austria and King Louis XIII of France is announced.
  • 1615
    Anne of Austria marries King Louis XIII of France.
  • 1618 - 1648
    The Thirty Years' War.
  • 1622
    Anne of Austria suffers from one of her many miscarriages after falling down while running.
  • 1627 - 1628
    The Siege of La Rochelle, a war against Huguenots which leads to the end of Huguenot power and increases the strength of the French monarchy.
  • 1630
    Anne of Austria and Marie de' Medici plan to get Cardinal Richelieu dismissed, but their plan fails.
  • 1632
    Letters containing information regarding plans to overthrow King Louis XIII of France and marry Anne of Austria to his brother Gaston, the Duke of Orléans, are found.
  • 1635
    France declares war on the Habsburgs.
  • 1637
    Anne of Austria is questioned after it is found that she is sending letters to her Spanish relatives.
  • 5 Sep 1638
    King Louis XIV of France is born to Anne of Austria and King Louis XIII of France.
  • 21 Sep 1640
    Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, is born to Anne of Austria and King Louis XIII of France.
  • 1643
    Anne of Austria becomes Queen Regent for her son, King Louis XIV of France, after the death of her husband, King Louis XIII.
  • 14 May 1643
    King Louis XIII of France dies of tuberculosis.
  • 1648 - 1653
    The Fronde, a series of rebellions and civil wars in France.
  • 1651
    Anne of Austria' regency ends as King Louis XIV was old enough to rule.
  • 1666
    Death of Anne of Austria from breast cancer.