Ankh Timeline

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  • c. 3150 BCE - c. 2613 BCE
    Ankh symbol appears during the Early Dynastic Period in Egypt.
  • c. 2613 BCE - c. 2181 BCE
    The Ankh is firmly established as a symbol of life and the afterlife.
  • c. 2040 BCE - c. 1782 BCE
    Ankh symbol appears in household use as mirrors and amulets.
  • 1353 BCE - 1336 BCE
    Ankh used in the Amarna Period of Egypt by Akhenaten, linked to the god Aten.
  • 1279 BCE - 1213 BCE
    Ankh in use during the reign of Ramesses II.
  • c. 415 CE
    Ankh adopted by Coptic Christians of Egypt as a symbol of the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.