Animal Husbandry


Animal husbandry is commonly defined as a branch of agriculture dealing with the domestication, breeding, and rearing of animals for various purposes including labor (as in the case of large animals), a food source, protection, and companionship (as with dogs, primarily), and a source of material goods such as hides and bones, used for clothing and tools.

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  • c. 12000 BCE - 10000 BCE
    Domestication of dogs and cats already taken place
  • 7700 BCE
    First domesticated wheats in the Fertile Crescent.
  • 7000 BCE
    Domestication of goats.
  • 7000 BCE
    A decline in the finds of gazelle bones suggest that domesticated animals were eaten more frequently due to a depletion of wild game.
  • 6700 BCE
    Domestication of sheep.
  • 6500 BCE
    Domestication of pigs.