Anglo-Mysore Wars Timeline

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  • 1761
    Haidar Ali usurps the throne of the Kingdom of Mysore.
  • 1767 - 1769
    First Anglo-Mysore War.
  • 1767 - 1799
    The four Anglo-Mysore Wars see the East India Company expand its territories in India.
  • Aug 1767
    Haidar Ali, ruler of the kingdom of Mysore, declares war on the East India Company.
  • Sep 1767
    The East India Company defeats Mysore and the Nizam of Hyderabad at the battle of Trinamalai.
  • 1780 - 1784
    Second Anglo-Mysore War.
  • Sep 1780
    The Kingdom of Mysore defeats the East India Company at the battle of Pollilur.
  • Jul 1781
    The East India Company defeats the Kingdom of Mysore at the battle of Porto Novo (Parangipettai).
  • 1782 - 1799
    Reign of Tipu Sultan (aka Tipoo Sahib), ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore.
  • Dec 1789
    The Kingdom of Mysore attacks the Kingdom of Travancore in southern India.
  • 1790 - 1792
    Third Anglo-Mysore War.
  • Jan 1792
    The Treaty of Seringapatam ends the Third Anglo-Mysore War and obliges Mysore to give up half its territory to the East India Company.
  • 1799
    Fourth Anglo-Mysore War.
  • 7 Apr 1799
    An East India Company army begins a one-month siege of Seringapatam, capital of the Kingdom of Mysore.
  • 3 May 1799
    The East India Company wins the Anglo-Mysore Wars by capturing Seringapatam. Tipu Sultan of Mysore is killed and the kingdom becomes a British protectorate.
  • 1831
    The East India Company takes over the Kingdom of Mysore.