Aethelwulf of Wessex Timeline

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  • 825
    The Battle of Ellandun; Aethelwulf participates under his father King Egbert of Wessex; Mercia is defeated.
  • c. 826 - 839
    Aethelwulf serves as sub-king of Kent, Essex, Sussex, and Surrey under Egbert of Wessex.
  • 839 - 858
    Reign of Aethelwulf, King of Wessex.
  • 843
    Aethelwulf is defeated by Viking armies at Carmouth.
  • 844 - 855
    Aethelwulf issues his Decimation Charters.
  • 851
    Aethelwulf defeats Viking invasion of Wessex.
  • c. 854
    Aethelwulf goes on pilgrimage to Rome with young Alfred the Great.
  • c. 856
    Alfred marries Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald of the Kingdom of West Francia.
  • 858
    Aethelwulf dies; Kingdom is divided between his sons Aethelbald and Aethelberht.