Climate Change & Disaster - Linking Antiquity and Present


Marion Wadowski
published on 20 September 2019
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This activity can be done in class as a discussion, given as homework or assignment for an essay or a presentation. It includes keys and all the material needed. You can just print and roll with it in your class without preparation!

In this activity your students:

  • observe the factors which led to some cities, states or civilizations fall in antiquity
  • get an opportunity to think and discuss climate change, linking the past and present
  • share their feelings about what they consider as threats to their world (might it be their neighborhood, city, state or planet)
  • get inspired on what they could do to change things

Although today climate change has become a much bigger and more globalized problem than in the past, ancient peoples did have to contend with local events that severely disrupted or even ended their way of life as they knew it.

Below you can find a collection of articles, videos and pictures from Ancient History Encyclopedia which help us understand these dramatic events, their lasting consequences and inspire as many people as possible to make the world a better place.

Download this teaching resource:

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