Roman Elections - Video & Chart


Marion Wadowski
published on 08 April 2020
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This activity has been designed to fit a 20-minute slot for your class. Students have to complete a pyramid chart, based on a video.

It is part of our Ancient Rome Society and Government pack where you can find:

  • Complete lesson plans, with teachers' instructions (Word & PDF)
  • Multiple choice quiz questions (Excel)
  • Glossary of keywords and concepts (Excel)
  • Open questions adaptable for debates, presentations, and essays (Word & PDF)
  • Recommended resources to provide you and your students with a comprehensive list of trustworthy references on the topic. It includes all media types: videos, texts, primary resources, maps, podcasts, 3D models, etc. (Word & PDF)

Our Ancient Rome Government and Society lesson pack covers the following topics:

  • Roman Society
  • Roman Citizenship – across the periods of Kingship, Republic, and Empire
  • Roman Elections
  • From Kingship to Republic
  • From Republic to Empire

Should you need it, check out our “cheat sheets” to give your students such as tips to write a great essay or tools to make your life easier, such as marking grids.

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Download this teaching resource:

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