Olmec Head from San Lorenzo - 3D View

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3D Image

James Blake Wiener
by carrollths
published on 20 November 2018
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San Lorenzo Colossal Head 6 is one of the smaller examples of colossal heads, standing 1.67 m. It measures 1.41 m wide by 1.26 m deep and is estimated to weigh between 8 and 10 tons. The head was discovered by a farmworker and was excavated in 1965 by Luis Aveleyra and Román Piña Chan in Mexico. It is sculpted with a net-like head covering joined together with sculpted beads. A covering descends from under the headdress to cover the back half of the neck. The headband is divided into four strips and begins above the right ear, extending around the entire head. A short strap descends from either side of the head to the ear. The ear ornaments are complex and are larger at the front of the ear than at the back. The face is that of an aging male with the forehead creased in a frown, wrinkles under the eyes, sagging cheeks and deep creases on either side of the nose. http://www.mna.inah.gob.mx/index.php?option=com_sppagebuilder&view=page&id=4894

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