Athenian Agora - 3D View

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Lithodomos VR
published on 08 October 2018

From this viewpoint, you can take in the complexity of the agora and see many of its features. see it in VR here:

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This is the Athenian Agora, home of Athenian civic life. This complex site was probably laid out around the 5th century BC, and continued in use into the Roman period. In the agora, ancient Athenians worked, shopped, rested, worshipped, engaged in their civic duties, and participated in shows and festivals. From this viewpoint, you can see the round Tholos building, the dining hall of the Athenian council, located at this important junction that connected Athens’ major public institutions. You can also see the Odeion of Agrippa towering above all buildings in the centre of the agora: it was accessible by the long covered walkway you can see, called the ‘Middle Stoa’. The temple you can see is the ‘south west temple’ and the line of statues are the Eponymous Heroes. Also visible here is an ash altar and part of the Metroon.

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