Prince Stephanos I Coin


Tedo Dundua
published on 27 February 2018
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Kartli/Iberia coin of Prince Stephanos I, second emission. Silver. The weights range from 2,03 gr. to 3,02 gr.

d = 25/26-28 mm.

Obverse: shah/ruler to the right. Instead of Pehlevi, Georgian inscription (Asomtavruli) – ႱႲႤႴ/ႠႬႭႱ (Stephanos) to the left and right. Twofold circle around it.

Reverse: Cross on altar, protected by two guardians. No Pehlevi inscription. Threefold circle around it.

Mint: Unknown.
Nominal: Drachm. 2,03 gr.-3,02 gr.
Date: 595-600/602 or 592 (?).

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