Gold Bangle, Hoxne Hoard


Mark Cartwright
by Fae
published on 23 August 2016
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A gold bangle from the Hoxne Hoard, Suffolk, 4th-5th century.

The British Museum, London.

The Hoxne Hoard was discovered in Suffolk, in the east of England in 1992. The incredible collection contains 14,865 late-4th- and early-5th-century Roman gold, silver and bronze coins, and 200 items of silver tableware and gold jewellery. The hoard amounts to a total of 7.7lb of gold and 52.4 lb of silver. The inscription on the bangle reads VTERE FELIX DOMINA IVLIANE ("Use [this] happily lady Juliane"), which obviously indicates the name of the owner Juliane.

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