Agias, Son of Aknonios


James Lloyd
published on 03 November 2014
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A votive marble offering in the style of Lysippos from the Daochos Monument at Delphi; over-life-size at 2m tall; Late Classical; c.336- 332 BCE.

Agias was the grandfather of Daochos II, who dedicated the monument, and a highly successful wrestler at the Panhellenic festivals, as the inscription at the base of the statue clarifies: "You are the first from the Thessalian land to be victorious in the Pankration at the Olympic games, Hagias son of Aknonios, from Pharsalos, [having been victorious] five times at Nemea, three times in the Pythian games, [and] five times at the Isthmos; and no one yet has dragged the trophies from your hands."

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James Lloyd
James' main area of research is ancient Greek music, but he has general interests in mythology, religion, and art & archaeology. A self-confessed philhellene, James keeps at least one eye on the Roman pie.


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