Kingdom of Nabatea Timeline

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  • c. 600 BCE - c. 400 BCE
    Nabateans grow wealthy through trade along the Incense Routes.
  • c. 312 BCE
    City of Petra inhabited by Nabateans who repel attack by Greek army.
  • c. 168 BCE - 106 CE
    The Kingdom of Nabatea flourishes in region of modern-day Jordan.
  • c. 168 BCE
    Aretas I, first historical king of the Nabateans, expands the kingdom, supports the Maccabean Revolt.
  • c. 120 BCE - c. 96 BCE
    Aretas II is king of the Nabateans. Conflict with Hasmonean Dynasty of Judea.
  • c. 96 BCE - c. 85 BCE
    Obodas I rules in Nabatea, defeats Hasmonean king Alexander Janneus, and is deified by his people.
  • c. 85 BCE
    Rabbel I is king of the Nabateans briefly before dying in battle.
  • c. 85 BCE - c. 60 BCE
    Aretas III reigns over Nabatean Kingdom; Nabatea forced to pay tribute to Rome.
  • c. 60 BCE - c. 59 BCE
    Obodas II briefly reigns as king of the Nabateans.
  • c. 59 BCE - c. 30 BCE
    Malichus I is king of the Nabateans; becomes vassal of Herod the Great.
  • c. 30 BCE - c. 9 BCE
    Obodas III reigns as king of the Nabateans.
  • c. 9 BCE - c. 40 CE
    Aretas IV reigns as the greatest king of the Nabateans; culture and economy flourish.
  • c. 40 CE - c. 70 CE
    Malichus II reigns over Nabateans; territory is lost to Rome.
  • c. 70 CE - 106 CE
    Rabbel II Soter reigns as last king of the Nabateans.
  • 106 CE
    The Kingdom of Nabatea is annexed by Rome as the province of Arabia Petrea under the Emperor Trajan.