Siege of Toulon 1793


Simeon Netchev
published on 09 February 2023

A map illustrating the decisive final stage of the Siege of Toulon, France. This military operation of the French Revolutionary Wars lasted from August 28 to December 19, 1793, and propelled the reputation of the 24-year-old artillery captain Napoleon Bonaparte. Despite the overwhelming superiority of the invading Republican armies, the siege of the southern French coastal city of Toulon and its forts lasted nearly four months due mainly to the incompetence of the Revolutionary Command and the mutual dislike between General Jean-Fran├žois Carteaux and his chief of artillery, Napoleon.

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Simeon Netchev
Simeon is a freelance visual designer with a deep interest in the human side of history. He believes that every image should be an interaction, a commentary, and a narrative, and every map should lead on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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