Capitolium of Sala Colonia


Carole Raddato
published on 12 December 2022
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The Capitolium of Sala Colonia (modern-day Rabat in Morocco), a temple dedicated to the Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva), was built on two terraces arranged on a rectangle 46 m long and 26 m wide. It was subdivided into several spaces, including a peribolos (a court enclosed by a wall), a covered Corinthian portico, a paved courtyard of blue limestone, an altar, three adjoining rooms preceded by a pronaos (vestibule) with a staircase and a room reserved for the treasury temple. Claudius Hosidius Severus, the prefect of a Syrian cavalry squadron of Roman citizens, paid for the Capitolium. The main building phase of this complex is dated between the end of the 1st century CE to the beginning of the 2nd century CE. It was probably inaugurated at the beginning of Hadrian's reign in 120 CE.

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