The Ramsund Runestone


Irina-Maria Manea
by Anonymous
published on 22 February 2021
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The Ramsund carving in Södermanland, Sweden, dated to the 11th-century CE.

The runestone depicts scenes from the legend of Sigurd the dragon slayer:

  1. Sigurd sitting naked in front of the fire preparing the heart of the dragon Fafnir for his foster-father Regin, who is Fafnir's brother. When Sigurd touches it, he burns himself and sticks his finger into his mouth. As he has tasted dragon blood, he starts to understand the birds' song.
  2. The birds saying that Regin will try to kill Sigurd, which causes Sigurd to cut off Regin's head.
  3. Regin lying dead beside his own head, his smithing tools with which he reforged Sigurd's sword Gram scattered around him.
  4. Sigurd's horse Grani laden with the dragon's treasure.
  5. Sigurd's previous killing of Fafnir.
  6. Regin's and Fafnir's brother Ótr from the saga's beginning.

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