Uncovering the Culture of Ancient India


Lidia Pelayo Alonso
published on 26 January 2018
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Audience: Young Children
Difficulty: Medium

Uncovering the Culture of Ancient India (Archaeology and Ancient Cultures)

This book is a great way to introduce the ancient cultures and peoples of India for children because it includes simple but complete explanations and definitions, as well as some of the most important monuments of the country.

Uncovering the Culture of Ancient India is a book published by Alix Wood Books that belongs to a series about ancient Britain, Egypt, Greece, India, Mesopotamia and Peru. This series of books has been made to create an interest in children for the ancient cultures that lived before us and influenced the modern world.

In this book we start a journey though India and the main ancient monuments that can be found in this country, that are the Bhimbetka rock shelters of Madhya Pradesh, the Indus Valley, home of the amazing Indus civilization, and Dholavira (one ancient city of the Indus Valley). Also, there are other places included such as Lothal, known as the “bead factory”, the burial chamber of Brahmagiri, the cities of Achichatra and Kampilya, the port of Pattanam, the fort at Kangra, the seaport of Mahabalipuram, the great university of Vikramashila and, at last, the incredible Konark Sun Temple.

The book includes two pages with a map that marks the location of each monument, so readers can easily know where it is, a description of the place, photos of the site and some artifacts found there, even some schemes of the inner structure of the monument. Since the book is aimed at children, there are some words in bold or definitions for words such as “civilization” for a better understanding of the text and a deeper learning. A glossary is also added at the end so readers can learn new words too.

The target public of this book is children up to twelve years old, although it depends on the reading skills of each child. As the rest of the series, Uncovering the culture of Ancient India can be a perfect way for children to learn about archaeology without involving definitions too complicated for their age. But, with this book they will not only learn about ancient times, it can be a great opportunity to explain to them how different peoples and civilizations have created what is nowadays known as India. That is why this book is a perfect way to make our children interested in the archaeology and history of India.

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