Throne Dais of Shalmaneser III [North-West Re-entrant, W. Face]

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Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin
published on 10 May 2019

This scene is part of a long tributary one where Shalmaneser III (r. 858-824 BCE) receives tribute from Qalparunda of the Land of Unqi (a Luwian Syri-Hittite state, also known as Pattin). On the left, there are two figures, of whom the first carries a bowl in his right hand and a fringed cloth over his shoulder, reminiscent of the napkin carried by the Assyrian royal cup-bearer. The second man carries a tray of small objects with rounded tops, perhaps pyxides; he wears no outer garment, and there is an indication of a diagonal border on the fringe of his long tunic, which is gathered at the waist by a knotted belt with the ends hanging down. The same belt is worn over a knee-length tunic by the eight porters who follow. These are arranged in four pairs, each pair supporting one end of a large beam slung between them by rope slings which pass over their shoulders.

This dais was found in the eastern end of the throne room (T1) at Fort Shalmaneser in the city of Nimrud (in modern-day Nineveh Governorate, Iraq) in 1962 CE. The front and sides of the dais were carved in relief depicting various tributary scenes. The dais was completed around 846-845 BCE (and that would be the king's 13th year of reign). During the ransacking of the Iraq Museum in April 2003 CE, this object was not vandalized and remained intact. It is on display at the Assyrian Gallery of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, Republic of Iraq.

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About the Author

Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin
Associate Professor of Neurology and lover of the Cradle of Civilization, Mesopotamia. I'm very interested in Mesopotamian history and always try to take photos of archaeological sites and artifacts in museums, both in Iraq and around the world.

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