Israel Timeline

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  • c. 1250 BCE - c. 1200 BCE
    Hebrew tribes settle Canaan.
  • c. 1250 BCE - c. 1150 BCE
    Destruction of many Canaanite towns hints at a possible invasion of the Israelites into Canaan.
  • c. 1080 BCE
    Rise of the kingdom of Israel.
  • c. 1080 BCE - c. 1010 BCE
    Saul reigns as the first king of Israel.
  • c. 1035 BCE - c. 970 BCE
    Life of King David, second king of the United Kingdom of Israel.
  • 1000 BCE
    David captures Jerusalem.
  • c. 965 BCE - 931 BCE
    Solomon is king of Israel.
  • 950 BCE
    Solomon builds the first Temple of Jerusalem.
  • 841 BCE
    Israel pays tribute to Assyria.
  • 722 BCE
    Israel is conquered by Assyria.
  • 722 BCE
    The upper class in Israel, the Northern Kingdom, is exiled by the Assyrians.
  • 586 BCE
    Babylonian Captivity - The Southern Kingdom (Judah) was destroyed by the Babylonians, who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple.
  • 539 BCE
    Persian Domination - Cyrus of Persia defeats the Babylonians; instructs the Jews to return to their homeland to rebuild.
  • 37 BCE
    Herod the Great is made governor of Galilee.
  • 37 BCE
    Herod the Great retakes Jerusalem from the Parthians.
  • 9 BCE
    Herod the Great wages war against Nabataea.
  • c. 516 CE
    The temple in Jerusalem, destroyed in 586 BCE by the Babylonians, is rebuilt.