Yaxchilan, located on the banks of the Usumacinta River in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico, was an important Late Classic Maya centre. The Maya dated the founding of their city to 320 CE, but Yaxchilan flourished between c. 580 and c. 800 CE, benefitting from commerce via the Usumacinta River and trading in copal resin and dyes processed from Brazil wood. Remains of stone pilings suggest the site once had a bridge or toll gate. Impressive in both architecture and sculpture, the site displays evidence of warfare before its collapse in the 9th century CE.

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  • 320 CE
    Traditional Maya founding date of Yaxchilan.
  • c. 580 CE - c. 800 CE
    Maya Yaxchilan flourishes.
  • 681 CE
    Accession of Shield-Jaguar at Yaxchilan.
  • 752 CE
    Accession of Bird-Jaguar at Yaxchilan.