Xunzi (pronounced shund-zee, l. c. 310-c. 235 BCE) was a Confucian philosopher of the Warring States Period (c. 481-221 BCE) in China. He is also known as Hun Kuang, Hsun Tzu, Xun Tzu, and Xun Kuang. Xunxi translates as Master Xun and is also the name of the book (the Xunzi) which has established his enduring reputation.

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  • c. 481 BCE - 221 BCE
    Warring States Period in China.
  • c. 310 BCE - c. 235 BCE
    Life of Confucian philosopher and scholar Xunxi (Hun Kuang), last of the Five Great Sages of Confucianism, and reformer of the Confucian philosophical system. .