Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was an Austrian composer who wrote a wide range of works including piano concertos, string quartets, symphonies, operas, and sacred music. Regarded as one of or perhaps the greatest natural musical talent ever, Mozart died penniless, aged 35, and was buried in an unmarked grave, but his sophisticated, expressive, and joyful work continues to enchant today.

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  • 1756 - 1791
    Life of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • 27 Jan 1756
    The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born in Salzburg, Austria.
  • 1772
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is appointed the Archbishop of Salzburg's Konzertmeister, leader of the court orchestra.
  • 1779
    Mozart's Coronation Mass is first performed.
  • 1781
    Mozart's Idomeneo opera is first performed.
  • Mar 1781
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart leaves Salzburg for Vienna.
  • 4 Aug 1782
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart marries Constanze Weber.
  • 1786
    Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro is first performed.
  • 1787
    Mozart's opera Don Giovanni is first performed.
  • 1790
    Mozart's opera Cosi fan tutte is first performed.
  • 1791
    Mozart's opera The Magic Flute is first performed.
  • 1791
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart works on but does not complete his Requiem.
  • Sep 1791
    Mozart's opera The Magic Flute is first performed.
  • 5 Dec 1791
    The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dies of ill health in Vienna.