War of the Third Coalition

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The War of the Third Coalition (1805-1806) was a major European conflict during the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815). It was fought by an alliance of nations that included the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Naples, and Sicily, against the First French Empire of Napoleon I (r. 1804-1814; 1815), its client states, and its reluctant ally of Spain.

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  • 18 May 1803
    Britain declares war on France, beginning the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Jun 1803 - Aug 1805
    Napoleon gathers a massive army at Boulogne for a planned invasion of England; this is the origin of Napoleon's famous Grande Armée.
  • 21 Mar 1804
    The Duke of Enghien is executed after a sham trial; the controversial killing stains the reputation of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • 25 Sep 1805 - 20 Oct 1805
    Napoleon's Ulm Campaign results in the elimination of an Austrian army under General Mack.
  • 21 Oct 1805
    The Battle of Trafalgar results in a decisive British victory over a Franco-Spanish fleet. It is one of the most famous naval victories in British history.
  • 29 Oct 1805
    French Marshal André Masséna prevents Austrian Archduke Charles from leaving Italy to rush to Vienna's aid in the Second Battle of Caldiero.
  • 13 Nov 1805
    Napoleon captures Vienna.
  • 2 Dec 1805
    Napoleon's Grande Armée smashes an Austro-Russian army at the Battle of Austerlitz.
  • 26 Dec 1805
    Austria signs the Treaty of Pressburg and exits the Third Coalition.
  • 30 Mar 1806
    Joseph Bonaparte is installed as King of Naples.
  • 4 Jul 1806
    In Italy, a British expeditionary force under Sir John Stuart defeats a French army under General Jean Reynier in the Battle of Maida.
  • 12 Jul 1806
    The Confederation of the Rhine is established under the protection of France; the Holy Roman Empire is dissolved.