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Viriathus (c. 180-140 BCE) was the leader of the Lusitani in their war with Rome. In 150 Viriathus escaped the Roman massacre and enslavement of Lusitani who had surrendered peacefully. Viriathus continued to fight in the resistance and rose to become the leader of the tribesmen. From 147 to 142 BCE, Viriathus won one victory after another against the Romans. However, Viriathus was unable to match Rome's vast resources and became worn down by attrition. In 140 BCE Viriathus renewed peace negotiations but was betrayed and murdered by close friends. One of Rome's most successful and charismatic foes, Viriathus became Portugal's first national hero.

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  • c. 180 BCE - 140 BCE
    Life of Viriathus, leader of the Lusitani.
  • 150 BCE
    The Lusitani are betrayed and slaughtered by the Romans.
  • 147 BCE
    Viriathus leads the Lusitani in victory against the Romans.
  • 146 BCE
    Viriathus leads the Lusitani to a second victory against a Roman army, capturing Segobriga in Spain.
  • 140 BCE
    Viriathus, leader of the Lusitani, is murdered by three traitors.